Gaz Industriel

Carbon Dioxide Generation Plant:
  • Amina Towers (MEA)
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  • General View

Client: Gaz Industriel et Associes, GIA

Country: Haití

Plant: Port-au-Prince

Production Type: Industrial Gases

Applied Solution:

• Carbon Dioxide Generation Plant  CBU-1000


GIA is an industrial gases producer that decided to replace its older CO2 generation plant from Union Engineering, after 15 years of operation by a larger plant and once more selected us as supplier.

The CBU-1000 plant produces1.000 kg/h of liquid CO2  based on the combustion og a heavy bunker fuel with high Sulphur content.

GIA selected us a supplier, not only because of the good performance of the older plant but also because of the patented Union Engineering process called NOx flash ®, that eliminates the use of the very contaminant potassium permanganate which is a standard in conventional technology.