Pepsi Venezuela

Wastewater Treatment Plant:
  • General View
  • Collection Tank
  • Equalization Tank
  • Anaerobic Reactor
  • Aerobic Reactor
  • Protection Campaign for Anaerobic Sludge

Client: Pepsi Venezuela C.A.

Country: Venezuela

Plant: Caucagua

Production Type: Juices and Drinks


Wastewater product of soft drinks and juices are rich in sugars and readily biodegradable organic substances. For its characteristics the most effective way to treat them is through anaerobic treatment where bacteria reduced by oxygen free environment high levels of fructose in water, which must then be polished to achieve an aerobic treatment rigorous discharge parameters. In addition to this project, an odor control system was installed.

Applied Solution:

• Fine mesh
• Equalization Tank
• AnaerobicReactor (UASB)
• Aerobic Reactor (SBR)
• Clarifier
• Centrifugal Decanter