Desnoes & Geddes

Green Beer Clarification and Cooling:
  • Centrifugal Separator BREW-2001
  • Yeast Plant
  • Yeast Plant
  • Green Beer Cooling Module
  • Green Beer Cooling Module

Client: Desnoes & Geddes Limited

Country: Jamaica

Plant: Kingston

Production Type: Beer and Beverages


D&G brewery, conducts its fermentation in horizontal tanks. In order to reduce the occupation time of its horizontal tanks and improve yeast separation, a centrifugal high speed separator was installed to clarify the green beer before the transfer to cilindro conical tanks for maturation.
After the centrifugal separator a cooling module was installed that allows quick on line cooling of the green beer down to the maturation temperature. Reducing also the occupation time of the cilindro conical tanks.
As part of different improvements in this brewery a yeast propagation and storage plant was installed together with CIP plants.

Applied Solution:

• Centrifugal Separator
• Beer Cooling Module
• Yeast Propagation
• Yeast Storage