Carib Brewery

Optimization of the Cold Block:
  • Centrifugal Separator Brew 2001
  • New Swing Bend Panels, Fermentation Cellar
  • Carboblend Module for Balancing (5 streams) and Carbonation
  • General View Revamped Filtration Cellar
  • Micro Filtration Module

Client: Carib Brewery

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Plant: Champs Fleurs

Production Type: Beer and Beverages

Applied Solution:

• Centrifugal Separator Brew 2001
• Carboblend
• Expansion of Yeast Cellar
• Yeast Autolizer
• Centrifugal Decanter
• Mixproof Valves
• Microfiltration


Carib Brewery wanted to optimize their operations in the fermentation cellar of 18 cilindroconical tanks, as well as in their filtration area and yeast cellar.

The interconnection of all the cilindroconical tanks was redesigned to include new bend swing panels and mix-proof valves, this simplified the operations considerably reducing the tanks occupation time, and reduced the beer losses and product contamination.

The yeast cellar was expanded with a new tank and an on line yeast autolyzer was installed to treat waste yeast. Also a centrifugal decanter was installed to dehydrate the autolyzed yeast in order to improve the handling and sell it as a sub product, as a consequence the BOD levels of waste water was also considerably reduced.

In the filtration cellar a last generation centrifugal separator with direct motor coupling was installed, this in order to pre-clarify beer before KG filtration, as a consequence filtration cycles were increased considerably and KG consumption reduced. The separator is also used to clarify dark products.

Additional to the existing high gravity carbonation and blending systemalso supplied by us a new Carboblend module was installed that can deal with blending of 5 different products and carbonate them.

Finally also a microfiltration module was installed together with a plate cooler in order to finish dark and other carbonated products previously clarified in the centrifugal separator.