Cervecera de Nicaragua

Wastewater Treatment Plant:
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Client: Compañía Cervecera de Nicaragua, S.A.

Country: Nicaragua

Plant: Managua

Type of Production: Beer and Juices


A revamping of the existing waste water treatment plant was carried out in order to comply with environmental regulations for discharges.
As pre-treatment the plant had a mechanical strainer followed by a sedimentation tank to remove sand, these were not modified.
Downstream the sedimentation tank, it was added a mixing tank in order to regulate pH of residual water by the addition of sodium hydroxide or chloridic acid and the mixing of a stream coming from the aerobic reactor, which after being degassed contributes to savings in the sodium hydroxide consumption.
An anaerobic treatment was also installed which reduces considerably the COD and BOD values, this is followed by an aerobic treatment in order to polish the water and reach the discharge values.
The previously existing aerobic treatment consisted in aeration ponds that were kept but the air diffusers were changed to fine bubbles diffuser that creates a better oxygen transfer.
Also a dosing system of iron chloride was added to remove excess phosphor and the existing press filter was kept.

Applied Solution:

• Mixing Tank
• Anaerobic Reactor (Amubix TM-B)
• Biogas Burner
• Aeration System
• Ferric Chloride Dosing