Pascual Andina

Wastewater Treatment Plant:
  • General View
  • Equialization Tank
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Unit
  • SBR
  • SBR
  • Centrifugal Decanter

Client: Pascual Andina

Plant: Valencia

Production Type: Dairy


Wastewaters from dairies are characterized by a high content of fat, lactose and protein, which results in high levels of COD. Ideal for their treatment is to remove fat at an early stage, and later treat dissolved pollution by an aerobic reactor, which reduces the water parameters to levels that do not alter the environment when discharge.

Applied Solution:

• Fine Strainer
• Equalization Tank
• Air Dissolved Flotation (DAF)
• Biological Reactor (SBR)
• Centrifugal Decanter (Sludge Dehydration)